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Since I’m in the business of amplifying my comics output and putting myself out into the public I’m moving my sketchblog to a new tumblr account. This blog was started as a secondary blog and I’d rather my artistic identity be clearly articulated rather than secondary to a different blog.

BUT: the URL will stay the same! Sketches and comics will still be available at; this old blog will now be found at

  10/02/11 at 04:28pm

They’re here!! Finally I’ve receive my order of Little Bear second edition books—all 125 of them! The digital printing means that the print registration is spotty in a lot of them but after dealing with an erroneous first order I’m glad just to finally have them.

Check back soon for information on how to buy a copy! Each one is perfect bound, mixed b&w and color, 84 pages. The story is about the friendship between a boy and a bear-woman shifter and how it changes as the boy grows older.

  09/28/11 at 08:14pm

mm dead bodies. Cuerpo 5 sept

  09/13/11 at 10:30pm

more cuerpo. 3 september

  09/13/11 at 10:29pm

eeeeeeš 28 aug

  09/13/11 at 10:28pm

28 aug

  09/13/11 at 10:27pm

another blind portrait. 28 aug

  09/13/11 at 10:27pm

blind portraits! 28 august

  09/13/11 at 10:26pm

long time no update. cat sketch while reading king cat classix. 12 aug.

  09/13/11 at 10:25pm


I just found out that Night Baker is going to be included in the Harvard Bookstore comics anthology, Minimum Paige! The release is September 22nd. Yay! I’m now going to be a published author! More news later!

  09/04/11 at 10:08am

another page from the robots comic. just had to share this! I like how it turned out a lot. 23 august.

  08/23/11 at 11:33pm

new project for Latvian comics magazine Ku

  08/20/11 at 10:58am

Night Baker page 4!

  08/13/11 at 11:34am

Ways in which You never Thought She’d Miss You: Jewish neighborhoods. based on a true story from work today. 11 aug

  08/11/11 at 10:15pm

blahblah 11 aug

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  08/11/11 at 10:14pm